Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Lady & the Mirror

Loretta reports:

Continuing in Halloween Week mode—

While attending an event at the Spencer Country Inn, I took photos of some of the place’s many antiques.  After all, one never knows what image might come in handy one day to illustrate a 2NHG blog.  It was only later, while I was sitting and chatting with friends and family members, that I noticed this picture in a distant corner of the room.  It seemed completely out of place in an area filled with baskets and old tools and milk bottles and antique cash registers and no Halloween décor whatsoever.

When I walked up for a closer look—and to take a photo, of course—the print turned out to be not exactly what I thought it was.  Or was it?  As will not surprise you, I conducted an internet search as soon as I got home.

If you've never seen this image before, you might want to try flying without Google, and telling us in the Comments what you make of it.  Or, you can click on the links below or do your own search.

The artist.   What it’s about.


  1. If it were a modern illustration, I'd say that it was a commentary on the chemicals used in beauty products. Not just unhealthy for people, but for the earth.

  2. I know what it is and what is means but my brain is so crumbly and old I had to check the artist's name on google! I swear more of us would be classed as pre-dementia if Google didn't exits...

  3. The picture is so beautifully painted! I didn't know the artist, but I've seen this before. It's really a masterpiece with a double whammy.

  4. This illustration was very popular back in the 1970s when there was a rush of interest in turn of the century fashion and art, but I'm glad you found it and re educated us all! I actually have some old books with his illustrations, very finely drawn, and great sources of costume "looks".
    Happy Halloween, and many thanks for your wonderful and entertaining history blog, a true over breakfast delight.
    Nancy N

  5. I did not remember the artist's name, but I remembered the title. I used to see posters of this print advertised in magazines (probably in the 1970s when, as AuntieNan mentioned, it was rather popular).

  6. Another interesting post! I've never seen this picture, but as a child, I remember seeing the old woman/young woman optical illusion picture a lot.

  7. I remember this image well. My artist uncle had a copy hanging in his upstairs room, and I was always fascinated by it. From that room, I also began to be an artist myself, drawing what I saw out of the window. Later, I became a fashion illustrator and earned a Fine Arts degree.
    One never knows where one picture will take one.


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